Welcome to Wenatchee AAU Youth Basketball

Wenatchee Youth Basketball (WYB) provides organizational support for Wenatchee School District youth basketball. If you are thinking of forming a 3rd – 8th grade boys or girls basketball team, you may contact WYB  for information and resources necessary to create and manage your individual teams. Contact information for each grade level is located on the Contacts page.

WYB will provide an AAU club # (and related insurance) for all teams (and players) who have registered with AAU.  Additionally, WYB will obtain and manage gym times for all teams.

Each individual team is responsible for:

  1. Recruitment of players and coaches
  2. Establishment of any desired guidelines & rules for players, parents and team
  3. Uniform purchase
  4. Length of season and tournament participation
  5. Funding for participation in tournaments, jamborees or leagues

In order to ensure sufficient gym time, we will need to know the number of teams by October 15, 2017 so please communicate with your designated contact ASAP.